My purpose here is to stay sober.  Crazy thoughts in my crazy head zing around in this pressure-cooker, and writing as a practice works to keep the mental monsters orderly, deflated and negotiable.  And, unlike meetings or phone therapy, I can always go back and check my perception.  I am undisciplined and grandiose with elusive self-esteem.  Hence–a goal: to tease out what could be termed loosely, reality.  My thoughts go down here to chronicle my journey.  It’s been pretty incredible thus far, and the next indicated step for me is to write.  What I do to heal, to understand, to help must happen every single day.  Whether I walk the desert, create art in a studio, work with others or just sit in amazement in the gift that is my life, I will forget unless I make it a habit to punctuate the purpose of my new awareness.  After years of insanity, I got another chance; I’m writing this one down.  I make no claim to truth, and I do not care too much if I read less than brilliant.  I need to do this for me.  If anything here helps you, it’s above what I imagined.

Summer Sunset at Seven

Page is under construction and quite patient with my learning curve.


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