“They say” it’s a simple program but not an easy one. I welcome your personal experiences with this demon addiction. When we work the program, usually good, really–really good things happen. When it is bad, it is hard to ask for help, and life usually gets worse. I hope my ups and downs illustrate my battles and victories and invite you to share your own. I am in a space where I can share more and look forward to hearing from you. Tonya

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    • Tonya says:

      My God–You’re not some bitch selling Ughs or purses. I love you as well. This blogging stuff is akin to the stock market, But we will persevere. I’m trying to have a section on this site where ” guest speakers” can be heard. Do you know how to do that? Kiss the family. And on a technical note, what’s up with tags, hashtags? Why? Saying. T

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